Printing with Citrix

Companies using Citrix to manage their mobile deployment and apps can enable printing using Breezy's native Citrix integrated apps on iOS and Android. Breezy is the most secure mobile printing solution enabling users to easily print for any mobile device to any printer in the workplace. Increase your mobile adoption and usage by giving your users the ability to easily print and free them from their legacy workstations.

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View the network architecture and see how Citrix transfers your data to Breezy and the secure journey from the mobile device to any of your work or home printers.


Breezy is being used in over 50 countries to meet company's printing needs. Our flexible enterprise solutions allow us to work with most existing enterprise networks.



Learn how Citrix integration benefits both the users and IT. Give your users the familiar and easy printing experience with Breezy and Citrix.

Security is at the core of Breezy. See how Breezy uses encryption at every step to ensure that data is protected during travel and at rest.

In this datasheet, you will learn about: 

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